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Db2 Migration Plan

IBM Gold Consultant

Db2 11 End of Service is March 31, 2021


There are two weeks involved in the delivery of the detailed Db2 12 migration plan strategy.

First, our consultant will need to spend one week on-site in detail migration discussions, to work with your lead team members involved with the Db2 migration, including: system administrators, database administrators and applications.

Second, in week two, on-site or off-site, using our Db2 Migration Tool, our consultant will develop a detailed technical project plan for each Db2 system in your migration.

Here is the outline of the steps involved:

Week One - ON-SITE


From these detail discussions we will develop a plan which includes:

  • • Risk mitigation and building a performance profile
  • • Detail definition of the number of subsystems you plan to migrate (Test, QA, Production)
  • • Prerequisites and requirements for migration for each subsystem
  • • Capacity requirements and availability
  • • Current and required Level of maintenance on each subsystem
  • • Migration obstacles for each subsystem
  • • Application Programming migration prerequisites and co-requisites
  • • Potential start dates for each task within each subsystem in the project plan


Week Two - OFF SITE


Our consultant can either be on-site or remote to do this work. There may be more questions to answer, so a focal point must be assigned with timely turnaround. The time to complete the migration plan should take from four to five business days.

Our consultant will take the gathered information provided and will input this into our Db2 Migration Tool for analysis.

The deliverable from this process is a well-defined, technical plan for successful migration for each of your Db2 subsystems.

Your completed migration project plan will be returned to you with:

  • • Start and end dates for each task for each subsystem migration
  • • Detailed timeline across all Db2 systems including system maintenance to Db2 12.
  • • Future recommendations for preventative maintenance.
  • • This delivered process will allow your coordinator a procedure for modification to the plan.
  • For more information call 1.866.224.4968