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Db2 Migration Solutions

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Db2 11 End of Service is March 31, 2021

Our Plan Development for Migration from
Db2 11 to Db2 12 Overview

Our Plan Review Process takes one week onsite
and one week onsite or remote to complete the plan.

The result will give your coordinator a process to both moderate
the migrations and correct the plan as necessary.

Below is a basic outline of the implementation for the initial MIGRATION PLAN:

  • 1. First Cut - Identify Start and End Dates
  • Initial Dates are to start the plan, they are not commitments!
  • 2. Define the Critical Points
  • Server Pack Installation (CPAC)
  • Prerequisite Actions by subsystem
  • Migration Dates by subsystem
  • 3. System Programming Activities
  • Pre-Migration Actions
  • Migration of each subsystem
  • 4. DBA Activities
  • Pre-Migration Activities
  • Migration Activities
  • 5. Application Information
  • This activity is Site Specific
  • This activity is Subsystem Specific.
  • More information

References supplied upon request


On Site or Remote Migration Consulting

After the Migration Plan is completed:

  • 1. Onsite implementaion of the Migration Plan
  • Our Gold Team Expert is onsite to implement The Migration Plan
  • 2. Remote Consult Migration following the Migration Plan
  • Our Gold Team Expert is remotely consulted during The Migration.
  • 3. Db2 for z/OS Migration Classes
  • Migration Classes to implement The Plan using your teams.

References supplied upon request