Db2 Migrations

The Power of Professional Solutions for Your Db2 Migration

Db2 Migrations

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Db2 11 End of Service is March 31, 2021

Db2 12 Migration

Migration of Db2 Subsystems requires a merger of resources.

Each Db2 subsystem requires prework by Systems Staff, DBA's and Security Staff.

March 31, 2021 is when unmigrated subsystems either go on extended support
or go without support at all.

Extended Db2 Support can be very costly; planning is EVERYTHING!




How We Can Help

We offer several solutions to keep you on track
and away from extended support
that will save your organzation time and money.

Our team consist only of IBM Gold Team Memebers that have the experience needed to
preform the complicated tasks that migration presents.

Our Experts can help you with:

  • The Critical Planning of Your Migration
  • Consult During Your Migration
  • Present Classes for Your Migration Team